MH+ is...

How & why

  • Highlights of nature’s luxurious ingredients

  • Simplicity in a bottle
  • Magic formulas
  • Multi purpose
  • No chemicals
  • No additives
  • Plant based
  • Cruelty free
  • Natural
  • Vegan
  • Clean
  • Organic
  • Clear labelling
  • Made in Sweden
  • Hand made / small batches


The products are made with natural ingredients only and with a high ambition for highligting natures luxury ingredients. The products are made with organic, sustainable, multi-purpose and long-term thinking.

Multi funcion - multi use

All oils can be used for multiple purposes - use with advantage for a beneficial extra boost to hands, neck,

decolletage or wherever it suits you. The Face oils Also works as a face wash or to wear on split hair ends - all these oils are truly multi-purpose. And the wash can be used for the whole body and for shaving.


The aim for the visual concept is to reach for the simple and clear - to name the products from the number of the key ingredients. We want it to be easy to see what the products contain.


MH+ stands for simple and clean when it comes to both content and design.

The formulas are created a bit like how you create perfumes with some ingredients working as a base, some as the heart and some of them as the top ingredient. The facial oils contain only beneficial ingredients from nature and have natural scents. Manufactured in Sweden in small limited batches.

- I created the face oil I needed

All six oils have their own special abilities. Together, they compose the criteria for what I myself wanted in a face oil; Moisturizing, fast-absorbing and deep-forming. An oil to use daily - a companion. To use as a complement to your day cream, foundation or as a oil wash.

The first formula, 1+5, was made during the winter time and have a lot of Prickly peer seed oil as the number one (1) key ingredience. Prickly peer seed oil is truly a luxurious oil that I wanted to take the primary place in the oil for its softening and moisturizing quality.

Behind the brand

MH+ FaceOil - was founded as I love to create and learn new things.

I happened to start getting a stronger & stronger interest in the natural, environmentally friendly, sustainable and became curious to find benefactors in ingredients that have been used for a long time and proven for generations.
Why add synthetically and chemically produced substances if it is not really needed. When it comes to natural oils, I learn something new every day - it's a fun new world to explore.

Small at scale - big at heart. With focus on the details and the genuine, natural and beautiful.

I hope you will enjoy my darlings as much as I do!

🌱🍀💚 / Maria (MH)

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