We all have our routines. When it comes to beauty products, creams, oils and serums, we are all different and have different needs. Some of us need nothing at all and some need to add more moisture and benefactor during different seasons. Some of us just need a little something to make us feel good.

The 1+5 oil was created during the winter season and is meant to be used daily. Massage a few drops into the face and neck morning and evening. It sinks into the skin quickly, feels fresh, moisturizing and for being a pure oil it absorbs quickly. Rosehip has a colour that gives to an extra glow in the end.

222 is a light-flowing and easily absorbent oil that is advantageously also used on hands and where ever it´s needed. Main ingredients are Borage, Avocado and Argan. The oil is combined of 2+2+2 fantastic natural oils which together provide a lot of moist. The scent from Raspberry seed takes you to a place where it smells like freshly cut lawn.

2+B is the one that works on your fine lines. The key ingredience of this vanilla smelling magic brew is Bakuchiol.

It is the natural alternative to Retinol without the negative effects associated. It stimulates collagen and reduces signs of aging such as uneven skin tone, dryness and fine lines. The scent itself gives you a soothing feeling and a little something that makes you feel good.

The oils can advantageously be mixed with day/night creams/foundation/SPF - use as a base for makeup or as extra glow.
- you will quickly feel how it fits into your particular routine. Or if it becomes your only routine...

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