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When we go bare - strip away all the unnecessary - we take care. Clean, nourish, condition & protect. Use the best of natural, organic products for the utmost quality and environmental responsibility, produced in the vast lands from the Baltic Sea to the Arctic Ocean and with all plant based ingredients and fragrances that capture the essence of this incredible region. Visit BÄR

You can purchase MH+FaceOil at the small friendly down to earth beauty salon in Kolmården.
You will meet Emelie - a fantastic nail artist who also provides beauty treatments such as facials and  massage. She also creates beautiful brows and lashes. Book a treatment or a well being massage here.

Yasuragi is so much more than just a spa. Based on the Japanese bathing culture, they create a place where you can exhale and calm the nervous system. When we activate our parasympathetic nervous system, healing occurs both mentally and physically, we get better in touch with our own needs and can show more empathy towards others. You can find MH+ products in the boutique.

Sissel practise holistic treatments originating in traditional Chinese medicine.

All treatments are an experience for me. Not only the results but also the feeling of magic, how the reflexologist, by finding my sore zones, was able to ask questions that were so apt and made me question and think about imbalances in my body.

Visit Zonterapi by SEJL

On beautiful Österlen you find a lovely bed & breakfast - Bäddar&Ängar. Here you can relax in fantastic surroundings, book a treatment and just enjoy a good dinner. You can find MH+FaceOil in the personal, unique shop, together with art, locally produced products and selected second hand objects. Visit Bäddar&Ängar

Since its launch in 2014, The Forumist has highlighted emerging creativity and served as a platform and hub for novel expressions. This time as The Forumist Store, where we celebrate fine young creatives within art, fashion, design, and beauty.

We are devoted to curating and sourcing progressive and consciously-created pieces from artists and designers across the globe. Vistit The Forumist

Sustainable packaging partner - all Ink´n´Art packaging is environmentally friendly and made from 100% recyclable paper material.
MH+ has therefore chosen Ink´n´Art as a partner for packaging as they also contribute to the planting of new trees and a sustainable future. And of course for their great service. Visit Ink´n´Art

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